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Värnamo of Sweden

Cushion blue bell fiber

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Blåklocka is made of a fabric in 100% organic cotton cambric, which gives the pillow a lovely crispy feeling, just like in a hotel.
Stuffed with 100% LENTUS ball fiber - siliconized polyester hollow fiber recycled from PET bottles, providing a cushion that lasts a long time.
The pillow is of a very high quality and has incredibly fine washing properties.
Sewn with double hemstitching and edged with a luxurious white lace piping.

Size: 50x60 cm
Stuffing weight
Extra low: 300g
Low: 400g
High: 500g

If you are a person who sleeps mostly on your stomach during the night, then a low pillow is best suited for you. The low height provides a nice comfort to the head without affecting the position of the neck and thus avoids the muscle tension that can occur if you sleep with a pillow that is too high.

If you sleep mostly on your side during the night, you should choose a pillow with a high pillow height . This is to ensure that there is enough cushion to fill the air pocket between the head and shoulder, so that the neck receives relief during the night and that you can relax for a good night's sleep.

The pillow is produced in Småland, Sweden.

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